Do you already own a yeedi robot vacuum? Using it becomes effortless when the app is connected to your Google Home device. We will go through the whole setup process. 

It will start with setting up the yeedi app and robot, Google Home, and then connecting the robot vac to the Google Home speaker. 

How to Connect yeedi Robot Vac with the App 

Step 1: Download the yeedi app from the Google Play Store or use the QR code on the robot and the instructions manual. 

Step 2: Turn on the robot and create an account on the yeedi app. Please remember these credentials because you will use them when configuring the Google Assistant. 

Step 3: Ensure the robot is connected to the internet. There are instructions on the app to guide you to connect to the robot. 

Once you are done with the steps above, the next part is setting up Google Home. 

How to Setup Google Home 

Before we get started, ensure you have these requirements. You can also confirm them on the Google support page. 

The Google Home speaker 

Turn on Bluetooth and connect to the available Wi-Fi network 

Your internet connection should be 2.4 GHz or 5GHz. The prior is better since that is what the yeedi robot vac requires 

If you have a WPA-2 network connection, it will not work. Ensure you have a different network protocol

Your device should have Android 8.0 and above 

Download the Google Home app on your Android device 

Ensure your Google app is the latest version and connected to your Google account 

NB: If you have a Duo account, use its credentials to sign in on your Google Home app.  

Steps to Setup Google Home

Step 1: Plug in your speaker. If you just bought it and it’s refurbished, factory reset it before you proceed. You can continue to the next step without factory resetting if it's new. 

Step 2: Open the Google Home app on your device. 

Step 3: Tap the ‘+’ icon to set up the device. Next, tap ‘Set up device’ and ‘New Device’. Follow the instructions on the app to finish up. 

NB: If you don’t see the setup device option, click on ‘Get started’ > ‘Set up new devices’ > ‘Create another home’ > ‘Next’ and then enter a home nickname and the address. You can opt to leave out the address. 

How to Configure yeedi Vacuum Robot with Google Home 

Step 1: Tap the Google Home app on your Android device. Next, tap the picture icon on the top right. 

Step 2: Click on the ‘Assistant Settings’ option. After that, click on the ‘Devices’ option where you see ‘manage devices linked to your assistant’. 

Step 3: Under the ‘Assistant Devices’ page, click on ‘Add Devices’ and tap ‘Link a smart home device’. 

Step 4: On the search field at the top, type the words ‘yeedi’ and check the results. Tap the yeedi option when it appears. 

Step 5: Sign in on the prompt page with your yeedi account credentials. After that, you will see a list of the supported devices. 

Step 6: Tap the ‘Let’s Get Started’ button. 

Once you are done, the default name for the yeedi vac will be ‘robot’. You can change that by assigning it your preferred nickname. After that, use the moniker when commanding the yeedi robot vacuum. 

For example, “Hey Google, tell (nickname) to start cleaning.”

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