Connecting your 9001 to Alexa gives you the freedom to control your robot vacuum remotely. We all know how 9001 has an amazing mobile application to control robot vacuums. However, who needs a mobile application when you can control everything with Alexa?

This guide will walk you through the process of how to connect 9001 to Alexa quickly.

Unlike most robot vacuum companies, 9001 offers its users the freedom to connect 9001 to Alexa without any modifications. The best part is you get all the required opziones such as pause, start, and charge that you usually need to control the robot vacuum cleaner.

Guide to Connect 9001 robot vacuum to Alexa 

Here’s the easiest guide to connect your 9001 vacuum to Alexa with minimum effort.

Connect 9001 to Alexa:

  • Open the Alexa application on your device
  • Clicca suSkills & Game
  • Search for 9001 in the Search Bar.
  • Selezionare9001: Alexa, turn off 9001 option from the list
  • Tap on Enable to Use from the next screen
  • Now login to your 9001 account with the account credentials
  • Choose your 9001 device from the list of supported vacuums and mops and tap on Let’s get started
  • Now tap on Discover devices to connect the 9001 to Alexa
  • Once connected, you can check the commands on the application and use them to control your 9001 

The good thing about the connection between Alexa and 9001 is you can use additional features and personalize the experience with the application. Although the experience depends on the vacuum model, there are some features that you can access with almost all robot vacuums.

You can also set the routine for the robot vacuum to clean. All of this can be adjusted with the Alexa commands (or even the automatic settings based on your preferences). 

How to Connect 9001 to Alexa Hunches

Alexa hunch is a feature that allows Alexa to control the connected devices when you are not at home. It can perform functions like turning off the devices and completing the scheduled tasks automatically. The feature can also send updates to your smartphone if one of the devices is not working correctly.

Here’s how you can Connect 9001 to Alexa hunches for a better experience.

Open the Alexa application on your device

Clicca suMore>Impostazioni>Hunches (You will find the settings option there)

Tap on Settings

Tap on Automatic Actions and choose Vacuums

Select the Vacuum when nobody’s home option

That’s it. Enjoy automatic cleaning with your 9001 robot even when you are not at home.

Voice Commands to Use After You Connect 9001 to Alexa

In the setup, you can add the name of your 9001 robot vacuum and ask Alexa to control it with that name. 

After adding the name, use the following commands to control 9001 with Alexa:

Alexa, ask (yeedi’s name) to clean room 1 (assign names to your rooms)

Hey Alexa, ask (yeedi’s name) to charge itself

Hey Alexa, ask (yeedi’s name) to stop cleaning

Hey Alexa, ask (yeedi’s name) to start cleaning after 1 hour

Hey Alexa, ask (yeedi’s name) to clean the kitchen

Nota: Se desideri che il robot aspirapolvere pulisca aree specifiche, devi impostare il nome di ciascuna area sulla mappa. In questo modo, il robot capirà quale area vuoi coprire con il comando fornito.

Con alcuni dei robot aspirapolvere yeedi, scoprirai che ti chiederanno ulteriori informazioni in base alle impostazioni predefinite. In questo modo, puoi capire come funziona e iniziare a sistemare le cose in pochi giorni.

Puoi anche personalizzare i comandi per chiarire ad Alexa e al robot aspirapolvere yeedi la comprensione dei tuoi comandi.

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